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Orphan Video Game's Contest Form

Well here we go folks !  the questions are below.  Answer them to the best of your ability and you could win an Atari 2600 with all the fixins' plus 10 boxes games for it !  good Luck to all the players !

Remember to check the box below before submitting your answers or they won't count !

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  1. By checking the box below, I agree to the terms of this contest stated on the pervious page. By not checking either box, the entry is void.

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  3. The .............. was a modem for the Atari 2600 introduced back in 1983 in which you could download games to your VCS and play them for a fee. It was one of the network connect piece of hardware in video game history..

  4. ................. was the original spokesperson for Mattel Electronics Intellivision from 1980 to about 1983.

  5. The ............. Was going to be the saving grace for the 3DO when it was up against the Playstation and the Saturn back in 1996. It was going to add enhanced graphics , sound and game play to the system.

  6. A .......................... is a term used by classic game collectors for a very hard to find games and hardware.

  7. Name the 3 game titles Sears-Roebuck had Atari exclusively make for them for their Video Arcade (a.k.a. 2600) system

  8. Name at least 2 for the games for the 2600 that were sold only through the ATARI AGE (The official Atari fan club at the time) club store in the early 1980's

  9. In the first question of this contest, we mentioned the modem for the 2600. It wasn't the first system where you can have a modem for an uplink connection. Name the first system to have this and the name of the device used.

  10. What month and year did Mattel Electronics decide to introduce plans for the compact Intellivision II system and what was one of the biggest reasons for the redesign?

  11. The small saucer on all the versions of Atari's Asteroids had been given names by players over the years (And NO , not what you call it after it fires and hits your ship :) ) Name 2 of them.

  12. In order to say you really completed Donkey Kong Country For the SNES, you must complete .......% of the game.

  13. ........................... was a former adult film star that co-stared in Wing Commander III for the 3DO and then in other game platforms later.

  14. System plugging time again !! Who was the actor who starred in the TV commercials in the early 1990's for the Phillips CD-i

  15. What special technique was used on a NES game pad when playing Track & Field to make you run faster?

  16. Worthless licenses help spell the end to the first golden wave of video games & one of the first movie related games one of the big 3 early systems was one of the culprits. The movie involved flying glaives , a Cyclops and transportable castles but the game had none of that. Instead you got 4 screens of non-movie related stuff. Name the title of the movie which is also the games name that is game is based on.

  17. Name 4 of the Atari 2600 adult titles made for the Atari 2600 by Mystique & Playaround.

  18. Coleco loved to list games in the catalogs and never release them. Name 2 of them.

  19. Coleco is actually a word that stands for something. What does Co-le-co stand for ?

  20. What major US chain back in the 1980's was teaming up with Atari in looking into putting video games at the cash registers so you could plays games while waiting and checking out?

  21. On Atari's Missile Command for the 2600 , Select game 13 and allow the incoming missiles to reach your cities, and fire all your missiles without scoring any points. On the far right city , initials pop up. What are the initials and what is the name and who is the person?

  22. Thinking cap time ! Back around 1981 this manufacturer used their system on TV during weekend cartoon time after school with some independent TV stations across the country ( We remember it on WPIX-TV in New York ) . It would have a play screen of one of their games and you would say a word to shoot or whatever. You scored points to win prizes or even a system with a perfect score. Name the system that was used for this .

  23. In the Atari game catalog number CO14356-Rev.E , how many games are featured in it?

  24. Who designed the chip sets for the Atari 2600 and the Atari 800 home Computer?

  25. What 2600 game stated that you were "Piloting a plane , players must rescue animals held captive by giant gorillas. they'll need split-second timing to swoop down and save the animals without crashing into the ground or surrounding buildings." ?

  26. What manufacturer gave you games for the 2600 like Harbor Escape , Exocet and Stuntman ?

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